Revelation 15


Who shall not Fear You
Revelation 15 from The Chronological Gospels

The Sea of Fire and Glass

15:1 I saw another great and awesome sign in heaven – seven angels who had the seven last plagues, which fulfilled the wrath of YHVH. 2Then I saw what appeared to be a sea of fire and glass. I saw those who had attained victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of YHVH. 3They sang the song of Moshe, the servant of YHVH, and the song of the Lamb, singing, “Great and marvelous are your works, YHVH – Elohim – El Shaddai! Just and true are your ways, O King of saints! 4Who shall not fear you, O YHVH, and glorify your holy name? You alone are holy, and all nations shall come and bow down before you because your judgments are now being openly declared!

Saved from the Wrath to come

Tishri 1 - 10 – The Ten Days of Awe

The Ark of the Covenant is revealed

The Temple in Heaven Is Opened

The Temple in Heaven Is Opened – the parenthesis is closed and the story line continued from Revelation 11:19

15:5 After this I looked, and again I saw that the Temple in heaven was open, and I saw the Ark of the Covenant!{1}

{15:5.1} The Ark of the Covenant represents the throne of the Almighty. The restrictions concerning approaching the Ark were such that any who trifled were struck dead. According to the book of Maccabees (which was removed from the original 1611 KJV in 1880 by the American Bible Society) during the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, Jeremiah received Divine revelation to hide the Ark in “a secret place until the end of the age.” One of the priests began to mark the passageway but was abruptly halted by Jeremiah (II Maccabees 2:2ff). A partially chiseled “guarding cherub” was found in a passageway under the Temple mount in the late 1800 by archaeologist Charles Clermont-Ganneau. Extensive excavations in the cave system and the Garden Tomb area were conducted in the 1980’s. The chief rabbi of Israel at that time, rabbi Shlomo Goren, confessed that he had seen the Ark of the Covenant in a chamber in Mount Moriah. (The location and significance of the Ark is explored fully in The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple cited in the resources page.)

Jeremiah stated that at the time that the Messiah rules from his throne in Jerusalem (appropriately seated upon the Ark) that the Ark will no longer come to mind (Jeremiah 3:14-18). With the presence of the King, it is understandable that the throne upon which he sits will not be the focal point of our reverence. But, here in the throne room of Heaven, after the last trumpet and the gathering of the righteous to the sea of fire and glass, we see that the unapproachable Ark is present – and still commands the awe, respect, and reverence of John, Yochanan.”

The Seven Bowls of Wrath

Seven Bowls of Wrath are Carried from the Throne Room

15:6 Then seven angels who had the seven plagues came out of the Temple. They were clothed in pure and white linen, and they were girded about the waist with golden sashes. 7One of the four beasts gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of YHVH, the one who lives forever and ever.”

The Declaration:
No One Enters Until the Wrath Is Poured Out

8The Temple was filled with the smoke from the power and the glory of YHVH, and no man was able to enter into the Temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.

Excerpt From: Michael John Rood. “The Chronological Gospels.” iBooks.

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