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David Rohl is an English Egyptologist, historian and archaeologist specialising in the historical relationship between pharaonic Egypt and the Old Testament. He is also a television documentary presenter known principally for his internationally acclaimed series ‘Pharaohs and Kings’ (1995) and ‘In Search of Eden’ (2001), which have been seen by millions around the world, and for his best-selling book A Test of Time: The Bible – From Myth to History (published in the USA as Pharaohs and Kings – A Biblical Quest).

With his University College London degree in Egyptology, Levantine Archaeology and Ancient History, David Rohl is a genuine scholar with a full set of academic credentials, but, at the same time, is seen by many as a highly original thinker. The Kirkus Review called his A Test of Time ‘a ground breaking analysis of archaeological evidence for the historicity of the early books of the Old Testament … a work with profound implications for both biblical and Egyptian history … a breathtaking archaeological tour de force.'


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