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You have entered in through the first veil.  Know this, we reveal the deeper mysteries of The Kingdom only to those that are to be perfected by their love for the truth and the indwelling of the Ruach Kodesh.

As was taught by our Messiah long ago, he only spoke to the public in parables so that the prophesy of Isaiah would be fulfilled.   But to You, it is given to receive the mysteries of The Kingdom of Heaven.  

By becoming a disciple, the mysteries of Heaven revealed unto each of us will be shared with all our other brothers as we build The Temple inside, chewing the meat of the word with all the brothers, then studying with further revelation from the Ruach within each ones Temple inside. 

These revelations will manifest upon YOU at YeHoVaH’s Perfect Time.

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"The Way" a Hanukkite Warrior must go.


Access to the Discipleship Resources is Restricted. 

The mystery language can only be understood through revelation of The Word by the sharpening of Our Swords, by Ruach haKodesh!  

This is the Secret Way YeHoVaH Governs the Righteous.  

This wisdom can not be understood by wicked, unrighteous or carnally minded men.

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