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So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Mashiach.  Read and/or Listen daily, immersing yourself in the Living Waters of The Word.

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More Wisdom to Come LIVE!

Brother TC - Coming Out of Babylon

After 40 Years a Builder for the Desires of Carnally Minded Men, Brother TC has been CHOSEN & SEALED to

Come Out of Babylon 

and Become The Wise Master Builder Online to Rebuild The Temple, Revealing the Ark of The Covenant within 
The Tabernacle of YOUR MIND!

Restoring ALL Things!


We've been Entrusted with MANY Mysterious Gifts, these are but just a FEW!

The Digits of Three - Hebrew Pi & The Digits of Two Thirteen!!!

Are there No Righteous Men Left Upon the Earth with a DESIRE to Study Out The Deep THINGS of YeHoVaH found in  HIS ACTIVE & LIVING WORD?  

Oh Mighty Father, We call out unto You from Our Heart!  

Bring unto US Anointed Brothers, born of a Holy Womb, Raised in The Way beyond the understanding of this World’s Carnal Mind, Yea - those who walk in Radiance with a Love of the Truth more than there next Breath!

Thank You Mighty YeHoVaH,

Faithful One & TRUE!

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