Your Awakening to Become a Hanukkite Warrior

The Hanukkite Warrior's of Silicon Valley Pledge

WE Pledge to Love YeHoVaH, OUR God, with All Our Hearts - AS ONE, with all our Souls, and with all our Minds.  Lover's of Truth more than our next breath.

WE Pledge to Love All as OURSELVES, being forever faithful to the Commandments of YeHoVaH, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Walking in Righteousness, Magnificent & Radiant in HIS Garden. 

WE Pledge to Live a Set Apart Life from the Carnal World Forevermore.  

WE Pledge to Obey the Ruach Kodesh, by keeping His charge each day - first forgiving all those who've wronged our family and ourselves knowingly or unknowingly, then and only then asking & receiving from Mashiach, forgiveness of unrighteousness  in ourselves as well as that of our Families in the same measure we have Truly forgiven others, on a Deep Personal Level. 

WE Pledge to guard the month of Aviv by swinging the Spiritual Sword as a Hanukkite Warrior of Silicon Valley for the Ruach Kodesh (the Holy Spirit of Mashiach who Reigns Inside), a humble bond servants to Him who judges all unrighteousness upon the earth by revealing ALL TRUTH.  

WE pledge to be the Spiritual Father of Our Families by leading them into the Truth of Walking in Righteousness and Power by observing the weekly Shabbat (Sabbath), keeping it a Holy Convocation, a time of Faithful Assembly, Remembering Our King, The King of The Sabbath, The King of Righteousness - the Mystery of Mashiach who Rains Inside

WE pledge to Observe the Appointed Times (Feasts of YeHoVaH) in accordance with written Torah on YeHoVaH’s calendar - The Sun, The Moon and The Stars aligned with the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar. 

WE Pledge to Speak Boldly, as WE ought to Speak, to make Known the Mystery of The Kingdom of Heaven, revealing the Hearts of the Fathers unto the Children and the Love of the Children for their “Spiritual" Fathers who are but humble bond servants to Him who Judges ALL!

LET US Go Forth, manifesting the Glory of YeHoVaH, Spiritually Slaying Global Systems of Religious Spirits, Revealing their Lies, their Sorcery and their Deceptions that Bind and Veil the Hearts of All Mankind.  

Yea, Hanukkite Warrior Brothers, let US go forth judging ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS upon the Earth for a Time, Times and a Half-Time.

The Appointed Time has Come!

Please share with those seeking Truth during our present time.  We live in a society where anything goes, WE MUST live a set apart life with the indwelling of His Anointed Spirit, rejoicing in Discipleship with OUR other 143,999 Brothers Singing The Song of the Lamb!


Go to Beth-Peor and contact The Brothers in the community there for Access to the Restricted Glory House Community.

Furthermore, SEEK FIRST The Kingdom of Heaven & HIS Righteousness Each Morning and ALL these Other Things Will Be Given Unto YOU!

Also Note: The life of a Humble Bond Servant, a Hanukkite Warrior, is one Filled with Sorrow and Joy in Serving The ONE who Created ALL,
FIRST HEARD as if . . .

A Cloud Filled With Booming Thunder!

Deny NOT The Power of YeHoVaH!

How Much Oil is in YOUR LAMP?

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