The Guardians of the Aviv Fellowship


Standing Right in the Middle of Love & Haight

Hanukkite Warrior’s of Silicon Valley are The Guardians of the Aviv Fellowship.  

All Righteous & Willing Vessels 
are Welcome to Join Us !

YES!  YOU are Invited to the Marriage Feast of The Lamb!

Come & Fellowship w/other Beloved Lovers of the Truth.

We Are an Online


Global Aviv Fellowship!

Click Here to See Where the first Few Hanukkite Warrior's used to meet in the Haight Ashbury District of San Fransisco, CA. 

We’re looking for a place like that OLD one here in AZ - in The Valley of the Sun.

Know a Great Place for a Meet-Up?

I’m up for Rabbi’s & Coffee, You?

Please drop us a quick note with your thoughts on a Local Meet-Up or an Invitation to Speak before your group.  

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Let us Rejoice & Sing The Song of the Lamb!

Do You Have A Religious Spirit, as did Our fathers? 

 Or. . . Do You Walk Radiant & Magnificent in HIS Garden with The Mashiach’s Revelation of Torah dripping As Honey from Your Lips?

    The aggressive take the Kingdom …by FORCE!!! - 
1 Maccabees 2:27 

If YOU LOVE YeHoVaH, take UP YOUR Weapon and Join US in Proclaiming HIS NAME & Establishing HIS KINGDOM & RIGHTEOUSNESS upon the earth!

Why were The Books of the Maccabees Removed from Our Holy Scriptures?

Thank You Mighty YeHoVaH for The Prophecies given US, now being f
ulfilled, The Mashiach’s Revelation of The Mysteries of Torah & The Kingdom of Heaven!!!

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          Our War Cry! - Who is like You among the Powers O' Mighty YeHoVaH?!!!
                 The Aggressive Take the Kingdom …by Force - 1 Maccabees 2:27